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The Kollel is about more than the education and the experiences. Implementing the lessons and ideas into real life can be complicated. Here’s a place to talk about life, to weave the education into experience and discuss how to navigate it properly. 1/18/2019- Beshalach- Celebrating Belief 1/11/2019- Bo- A Holy Burden 12/20/2018- Vayechi- Like Fish Getting Water 12/7/2018- Mikeitz- Illuminating Introspection 11/30/2018- Vayeishev- Alone with the Sheep 11/23/2018- Vayishlach- Humbled…

Senior Scholars Calendar

The Kollel is proud and honored to provide the senior community with our Senior Scholars program. We teach classes and run events at a variety of assisted and independent living facilities. Check out our calendar to view our upcoming events:  

Pirkei Avot

  Pirkei Avot (Ethics of the Fathers) is a collection of teachings from the Sages about ethics and character traits. Join us as we explore these essential teachings in depth and learn some important lessons for life!   Classes take place Monday evenings, 7:45pm on the Kollel zoom address: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/9480638693   To receive the password for the zoom address or to receive regular updates about classes, please contact Rabbi Rubin,…


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