Parsha Poetry: A Season of Gifts


‘Tis the season of gifts, and I hope you all got,
I hope it was pretty, that it was what you sought.
But when it comes to gifts- what are they for?
To reel in the riches? to cover the floor?

What we find tucked away in the Parsha we know,
A strange Jacob instruction before his sons go.
Don’t bring the viceroy (Joseph) big gifts or much money,
Rather, ‘nuts, almonds, and a little honey’ (43:11).

The Sforno explains that when one gifts a king,
They don’t need lots- they already have everything!
Instead, make it small, but something that’s special,
Not for them to have but to show that you’re care-full.

So too, with G-d, he needs not all our stuff,
What He wants is our hearts, even when it’s tough.
The ultimate gifts, in our lives and our prayers,
Are not what we give, but how we show that we care.

Shabbat Shalom, and Happy Channuka.