Dreaming Right


Not many mitzvos have the element of “publicizing miracles” of Hashem. In fact, there are merely three. One is the reading of the Megillah on Purim, another is the drinking of four cups of wine on Pesach, and the last is kindling the channukiah on Channuka.

Interestingly, one possible basis for the mitzvah to drink four cups on Pesach stems from our Parsha this week. The word kos, “cup”, is used four times in the retelling and interpretation of the butler’s dream. Why would this mention of “cup”s be an appropriate basis for publicizing the miracles of Hashem on Pesach?

Some explain that the secret lies in the difference between the dreams of the butler and the baker. As opposed to the baker’s dream, the butler dreamed of reclaiming his previous job and of working for Pharaoh. It was not simply that he had the grapes -as the baker similarly had bread in his dream- but that he also dreamed of serving it to his master,something the baker did not dream about. So too, when we approach Pesach one should feel a sense of wanting to serve Hashem.

In a similar vein, we say in the al hanisim, “they established the eight days of Channuka in order to thank and praise Your Great name”. On Passover, we publicize the miracle as a reminder to ourselves to rededicate to Hashem. So too, on Channuka, we publicize the miracle to remind ourselves of the Maccabees returning to the temple. And, like the butler, to dream of serving Hashem better and better.

Shabbat Shalom and Channuka Sameach